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“Unity is love, is a wheel, is a spaceship. It’s everything. Unity doesn’t required you to abandon yourself, to scarify, to refrain from what you enjoy. Unity is purity, purity held within and emanated out from you, your heart, that brings “people” together as one whole collective unit that no one feels left behind; everyone feel nourished. Love is freedom, and unity is freedom magnified, on a much bigger planetary scale. Unity is you. Unity is us walking through you. Unity is each one of you, beloved, to see your true potential and bring that all out so that everyone around you come to and after you naturally. It’s organic, meaning there’s no force. We are you, and you are us, the universe, the Brotherhood of Light, the Great Council of Love, the many many billions of unity group consciousness that have been guiding around, assisting you to go through this unprecedented change on you planet. We are love. Love, love, love. You are love too!

- a message from Akashic Record

channeled by Sean Ljusen

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