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Sat, 19 Sept



蘇菲訓練兩天工作坊 (九月份)

蘇菲訓練兩天工作坊 (九月份)
蘇菲訓練兩天工作坊 (九月份)


19 Sept 2020, 10:00 am – 20 Sept 2020, 5:00 pm

光行者中心 LIGHTWORKERS CENTER, 51號 Jordan Rd, Mong Kok, Hong Kong


In these 2 days workshop we will explore our limitations and expand our existence by using our breath, body, singing and spirit.


With practical exercises of breathing, moving our energy and voice we will open in a new state of our selves so we can have more inner space for inviting the 99 "Wonderful names of God" at the end of the 2nd day by participating all together to a Sufi Zikr or Dhikr that is the Sufi meditation that the Sufis practice regularly.

在練習呼吸、陏動我們的能量及聲音,我們會為自己打開一個新的狀態,並有更大的內在空間,在第二天的最後環節,以Sufi Zikr或Dhikr是蘇菲少數民族的恆常冥想練習 - 去邀請99位「神的名字」跟我們融合。

Zikr or Dhikr is a ceremonial prayer of the Sufi. It is based on the glorious continuous repetition (memorandum) of the 99 "Wonderful names of God" or only one of them. The purpose of this kind of prayer is "union" with Allah (God).

Zikr或Dhikr是蘇菲的祈禱儀式。它是建基於99個「Wonderful names of God」或其中一個的榮耀而重複持續(記錄)的禱告,目的是與阿拉真主(神)「結合」。

Sufism is an esoteric path and not a religion.


With the use of our voice, invoking, breathing techniques, body movements and prayer as result unifies all of our existence.


Also at specific times we stop and have a prayer.


By doing so we awake the 99 qualities of God within ourselves and we tune and maintain these qualities, so we enlighten these part of ourselves.



日期 / Date:9月19日 (六) 及20日 (日)  / 19th (Sat) - 20th (Sun) September

時間 / Time:10am - 5pm 

地點 / Venue:九龍佐敦佐敦道51號利僑大廈7樓701室 (佐敦 MTR A出口 / 柯士甸 MTR A渡船街東)  / 

語言 / Language:英文 / English

費用 / Fee:HKD3,666 (7月31日前或以前報名及全數繳費,可享Early Bird HKD3,333) (Enjoy Early Bird rate at HKD3,333 by registration and full payment on or before 31th July) (Coupon Code: Sufiearlybird)

about Genci

Genci Shaqiri was born Albania in 1974. Albania is a country with long tradition in Sufism. By the time he was born until 1990 Sufism was prohibited by the Communist government of Albania, situation that made him studied under secrecy.

Genci Shaqiri在1974年誕生於阿爾巴尼亞。Albania是一個擁有源遠流長蘇菲主義傳統的國家。從他出生至1990年期間,阿爾巴尼亞共產黨政府禁止蘇菲主義,這個情況迫使他秘密學習蘇菲主義。

His first meeting with his Sufi Master Seih Ibraim Allia (Rifai way) was when he was 12 years old, and he followed his teachings until he left his body in 2004. Genci left the Communist Albania in 1991 and came to Greece that he started the Sufi tradition school sent by his Master. He studied Islamic Tradition & Art, gemology and he brought some old powerful Sufi healing technics to share with the world. His every day work is jewellery design and energetic productions that empower individuals.

Genci Shaqiri與他的蘇菲大師Seih Ibraim Allia(Rifai方式)的第一次見面是在他12歲的時候,他跟隨他學習,直至Seih Ibraim Allia在2004年逝世。Genci於1991年離開了共產主義的阿爾巴尼亞並來到希臘,然後他的大師使他開設了蘇菲傳統學校。他研究伊斯蘭傳統與藝術、寶石學及帶來一些古老強大的蘇菲療癒技術,與世界分享。 他每天的工作都是珠寶設計和能量製作,使每個人能量得以壯大。

Since 2004 his is a Sufi Master, after his Master to continue the Rifai way and his aim is to adapt the old wisdom of the Sufi way into the modern society challenges teaching people with different cultures.

自從2004年,他成為蘇菲大師,after his Master to continue the Rifai way。他目標是把蘇菲的古老智慧改變成適合現今世代的當代智慧,並教授擁有不同背景文化的人。

He teaches in Greece and other countries wherever he is invited.


關於 Michael Fan




I was made in Athens – Greece at 21st of April 1972 with Greek, Italian & Chinese flavor.

I studied camera & film making in Athens.

I have worked as a cameraman, shooting & directing videos for several TV shows for over 9 years.

Performing in TV commercials, dance theaters, profesional live fire juggling and street theatre shows.


Practiced Tai-Chi, Chi Kung, Za Zen meditation, Chinese Sword & Kung-Fu for more than 10 years.

1999年進入臼井靈氣 (Usui Reiki) 自然療法系統。

2000年到印度浦那 (Pune India) 接觸奧修能量。



2001年遇見蘇菲派大師Sheih Ibrahim Alia。


2004年成為卡魯娜及天使靈氣大師 (Karuna & Angelic Reiki)。

2005年成為梅爾卡巴 (Merkabah) 大師。


In 1999 I entered the Usui Reiki natural healing system.

In 2000 I traveled to Pune India and met Osho’ s energy.

The same year I have started my Aura-Soma® journey.

My life started transforming fast.

In 2001 I met my Sufi Master Sheih Ibrahim Alia.

In 2003 I have completed the Usui Reiki Master Teacher degree &

in 2004 I became a Karuna & Angelic Reiki Master.

In 2005 I became Merkabah Master Teacher.

Teaching the above since then.


  • 基礎2天工作坊門票

    如2月24日前報讀及全數繳費,可享優惠 HKD3,333 (原價HKD3,666) Early Bird at HKD3,333 (original HKD3,666) by registration and full payment on or before 24th Feb





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